In a three-hour-long interview, the podcast host gave the listeners insight into Kanye West’s mind and how one of the biggest stars thinks about the world.

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Joe Rogan is a phenomenon that doesn’t need any further explanation. The guy who smoked a blunt with Elon Musk and interviewed stars like Mathew McConaughey and Mike Tyson is currently one of the most prolific podcasters. Yet, the podcast with Kanye West was one of Rogan’s best episodes I have ever had the pleasure to hear. Over three hours, the stand-up comedian listened to Kanye explaining his vision, going off on tangents, and talking about everything from faith to becoming president and designing sneakers. …

Seemingly max sound for max price. Here’s what we know and my advice for people thinking about preordering them.

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Apple isn’t done with releasing new hardware to the public in 2020. On December 8th, the Cupertino company announced yet another new product the AirPods Max. However, this time it was without a cinematic keynote. While the announcement wasn’t as stunning as previous, the price of the AirPods Max is, at $549 they aren’t cheap to say the least.


The over-ear design is typical Apple, the AirPods Max come in a sleek, yet extremely recognisable shape. The stainless-steel frame is padded with a soft-to-the-touch material and provides space for the telescopic arms. The frame is best described as to Y’s that connect to each other at the crown of your head. Right there, in-between the stainless-steel frame is a canopy made of breathable mesh which is lightweight so there is reduced on-head pressure. Furthermore, the right ear cup is home to the Digital Crown and a button to activate noise-cancelation or transparency mode. The Digital Crown is the same one as seen on the Apple Watch, which makes sense as it provides exceptional haptic feedback and is extreme precise. …

The holiday season is approaching fast and with Black Friday right around the corner, this is the perfect time to find presents for your favourite Apple lovers. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone who just into Apple, or is a longtime Apple lover, there is something for everyone on this list.

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The first stores are already playing Maria Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you.”, the neighbours are bringing out their Christmas decorations and soon the sweet smell of Christmas cookies will fill the homes. And while Christmas looks different everyone, there are some presents that could be just the right thing for many people, especially if they like Apple.

The gift to rule them all, AirPods Pro

After close to half a year of public beta testing and a rather “un-Apple-like” launch, macOS 11 Big Sur is finally here. So, here are my impressions of the first two days of use.

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Photo by Ramshid ekl on Unsplash

First of all, macOS 11 Big Sur is special. It is the first operating system for Mac’s since 2001 that isn’t some version of macOS X. It is the operating system that enables the new Mac’s with Apple Silicon. Hence, it certainly is a huge leap forward for Apple and Mac users around the world.

Apple presented Big Sur at WWDC to the world, and public beta testing lasted almost half a year. However, when they released the operating system on the 12th of November, there were some issues. Extremely long download times (five days displayed), error messages, and websites breaking down. The release was quite messy, and users all across the world weren’t too pleased with how it went down. …

One more thing turned into three new products and one new chip. Takeaways from Apple’s presentation of their new Mac’s and the new chip for them.

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Screenshot Courtesy of Apple

On Tuesday, November 10th, Apple held its third digital event in two months. This time around, they presented three new Mac’s, all running on the new M1 chip. Once again, the event was produced gorgeously, taking the viewer through the company’s headquarter and showing off cinematic proficiency.

Even though Apple did not communicate officially that the event would be about the new Mac’s, it was apparent, as it was the last product that already had been announced but not yet showed. Hence, the stage was set for the Cupertino company to present their newest, best computers.

The Thing

The obvious star of Apple’s keynote was the new M1 designed. The event provided extensive descriptions of it’s computing power, the integration into macOS Big Sur and the support for various Apps. …

In a world overwhelmed with information, catching up with everything you want to read and listen to is difficult. Yet, one habit allows you to consume more of the content you want

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Podcasts, Audiobooks, and even YouTube Videos can be worthwhile content. However, especially podcasts and audiobooks tend to have daunting time costs for people getting into it. That’s where speed-listening comes in. Consuming some content faster provides some crucial benefits.

Consume more content

Listening to things and twice their average speed or even just 1.5x allows you to consume more content. You can read, respectively, listen to two books in the same time it previously took you to read one. Listen to more podcasts in the same time. Whatever you are speed listening to, you can consume more of it in the same time.

Even though you might not pick up every little detail, listening to two books fast than one book slow is much more valuable. …

With superb cameras, a lighting fast chip that outclasses the competition, and a display that should be the most durable in a smartphone yet, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max should be the phones of phones. However, it isn’t.

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In classic Apple fashion, the California company unveiled the new iPhones in a stunning online event. It was the Cupertino companies third online event, after WWDC, and the unveiling of the new iPads and Apple Watches, and Apple clearly is the best company at online events like these. While the unveiling of the new phones (and of course, the HomePod mini) was well done and superbly produced, the new iPhones also are quite impressive.

However, while the new flagships, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, seem to be fabulous devices, they also have some obvious shortcomings.

The extraordinary

What separates the Apple flagship phones from the competition are the cameras. As someone who films (usually with a Panasonic Lumix GH5) and takes plenty of photos, the new cameras are straight-up impressive. …

These Apps will be of tremendous help during your studies and in your personal life.

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Some months ago, I did an article on some applications that will help you increase your productivity on your Mac. Now, after studying for about two weeks and using a lot of apps in my day to day life outside university, I can say with confidence that the apps on the list are game-changers.

Alfred 4

Yes, I know. This app was in my previous list and about every other list about productivity apps for the Mac. But doesn’t that tells you how good Alfred 4 is

But doesn’t that tells you how good Alfred 4 is?

In short, Alfred 4 is a spotlight function on steroids. It finds documents, shows folders, functions as a google search, and much more. …

The giant Swiss company is almost a fund within itself. Nevertheless, is it worthwhile investing?

Investors looking for a safe stock to invest may very well find their answer in the Swiss food giant Nestlé (NESN). With a portfolio of over 2000 brands, the corporation is as diverse as it gets. Additionally, it has the added benefit of being in a market where there always is a demand for the products. An in-depth analysis of the Swiss food processing conglomerate with a $350 billion market value.

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Photo by inma · lesielle on Unsplash

The Corporation

Nestlé is the world’s largest food company, and it has its headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland. Founded in 1866 as a company that produced condensed milk, the company has grown into a multinational food and drink processing conglomerate. …

The Apple Watch has a market share of over 50 percent in the smartwatch market. What makes the device so popular, and why is it so important for Apple?

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When the Apple Watch 1st generation was introduced, it was not much more than a gadget that allowed you to answer calls and texts from your wrist. However, later iterations of Apple’s computerized Watch completely innovated the smartwatch market, and now the California company sells more watches than the whole Swiss watch industry.

However, what is it, that makes the Apple Watch so popular that more than half of the smartwatches that are sold come from Apple?

It’s smart

The Apple Watch is the “smartest” smartwatch available right now. The operating system is going into version seven, Watch OS 7, this fall, and it is hands-down the most capable smartwatch operating system on the market. …


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