Do you consider yourself an addict to a psychoactive substance? I guess most would not do so. However, there is a strong chance that you are and have been for years.

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There are many psychoactive substances in the world, yet the impact on our society of the one we find in the brown liquid we consume daily is second to none. While morning rituals are as individual as people themselves, most involve a nice cup of coffee or tea. With that comes the first dose of caffeine for the day, perhaps followed by more throughout the day. In our modern age, having some kind of caffeinated drink in the morning is deeply rooted in our society. …

Apple once again reminded us that you should buy tech for what it is now and not what it could be

In the days leading up to WWDC21, the rumors of new devices and new possibilities for existing devices were numerous and detailed. Yet, none of these high hopes came into reality — neither new devices nor new S.o. C.’s were presented, and iPadOS did not suddenly become a rival to MacOS.

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Especially the later part, the lack of considerable changes to iPadOS left users and buyers, particularly the ones of the new powerful M1 iPad Pro’s, disappointed. It even let to Video titles like this: How Apple JUST Ruined the M1 iPad Pro with iPadOS 15.While …

What’s your dream device?

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When Apple announced the new M1 iPad Pros at their spring loaded event, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of these amazing devices. Now, after a week of heavy, everyday use of the 12.9 “model, these are my experiences.


Now to first address the elephant in the room when talking about a dream device for students. The iPad Pro is expensive, even more so if you opt for the 12.9 “version I also went for, but you already know that if you are reading this review. However, with its immense price tag, it is likely most students’…

Widgets, Focus Modes, and a redesigned safari experience. How does the new iPadOS fair in day-to-day use?

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On June 30th, Apple released the public Betas for their new operating system. While I didn’t download the very first public beta, I ran the public beta 2 for iPadOS for about five days now. I am running the public beta on my 12.9” 2021 iPad Pro, and so far, I am having a blast. So what can you expect when you decide to download the public beta?

iOS 15 and iPadOS aren’t enormous jumps for Apple’s operating systems. Most new features are available on all platforms, and many of the more significant changes are in the background, not really…

Doing duffel bags right might just require two parts.

Duffel bags are a staple luggage piece and have even grown in popularity in the last few years. Models like the duffel bag by the North Face or the black hole by Patagonia provide versatility and a huge volume to store everything you might need, whether that is for a weekend trip or for climbing a mountain.

A duffel is characterized by the various way it can be carried, usually either worn as a backpack or with multiple handles around it. Furthermore, they are generally rugged pieces of luggage that can sustain a beating and do not care about the…

A brief introduction to the review publication and how you can contribute.

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Has there been a time when you were on the edge of buying a particular product, but you couldn’t find a review for it? Tried & Tested aims to provide you with a place on medium to find a review on almost everything you can think of. So whether it is a new gadget, your grail sneakers, or even the game you have been thinking about getting for a long time on Tried & Tested, you’ll find the review for it.

On the other hand, Tried & Tested is a place for all the writers who wanted to review their…

Even though the changes to Apple’s various operating systems announced at this year’s WWDC21 were not as significant as last year, you might still be aching to try the new features. So how is it to daily-drive an OS on the public beta?

Even though WWDC21 left many wishing for more, especially in iPadOS 15, some new features make people eager to try them out before the official release somewhen in the fall.

However, even though installing the beta on your primary device is not advised, many who are tempted to try the new features do not have a second device to install the betas, so should you install the betas anyway?

What are public betas?

In order to understand why installing a public beta on a primary device might not be the very best idea, let’s first clarify what a public beta even is. …

Apple introduced a lot of new features but no new products or new SOCs

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Like last year’s WWDC20, this year’s WWDC21 was in a digital format with stunning visuals and different sections of Apple’s HQ, Apple Campus. After a circa four-minute-long introductory video segment, Tim Cook walked out in front of a crowd of clapping Memojis to kick things off. After this start, Craig Federighi served as a “tour guide “through the innovations while leaving the word to various people that presented the alterations and innovations in more detail.

iOS 15

iOS 15 was the first major talking point of this year’s WWDC21, and some changes are coming to the iPhone in your pocket. Most of…

With WWDC right around the corner, these are my wishes for Apple‘s developer conference.

Apple‘s worldwide developer conference (WWDC) has become much more than just an event for developers. New products get shown, the updated software versions are presented, and all around, it is a hectic week for the California company.

As has become standard leading up to significant tech events, numerous rumors are floating around what new products will be presented and what new features the new OS will have. Regardless of these leaks and rumors, here are my top wishes for WWDC.

A more powerful iPad OS

iPad OS has become a pretty versatile OS, and even though I quite like it, it has some significant shortcomings…

Your Mac is a great companion for all the trips to campus and the closest Starbucks or even just from your desk to the couch and back to bed. These Apps and Programs make it an even more excellent companion.

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Studying has been one of the many aspects of life that have been completely turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic. The experience of being a college/university student before the pandemic and during the pandemic could not be much more different.

Nevertheless, some aspects of studying have remained the same, such as the familiar sight of your Mac’s desktop and…

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